Insertion Follows Selection?

Just switched over to the Cubase 9 Pro trial… probably pretty obvious by the Pro Tools related question

but i can’t seem to get Cubase’s transport to stop and start by where my selection is made rather than follow playback. tried searching, didn’t seem to come up with anything.

if there are any crash courses for people switching over from other specific programs you want to point me to as well that would be awesome.

Thanks a million in advance!

(side bar… this thing is pretty ugly, anyone got some pointers on color preferences?)

There is a transport menu where you can set the cursor playback option.

yup i see it, but i can’t find the setting that would make this happen

“Play Selection Range”

nah that’s not it, maybe i’m not explaining what i’m looking for clearly.

in pro tools and ableton, you can have playback start from a point you click on in the timeline, so that when you hit stop and then hit play again, it starts from where you clicked in the timeline rather than from where you stopped playing. this can be anywhere, it doesn’t have to be at the beginning of a region/clip

play selection range seems to be a command that sends you to the beginning of a selected clip, rather than a playback preference

First off, check out the Range tool.

2nd off, you need this pref which also has a command to toggle it. “Return to Start Position on Stop”

yessss that sounds right! but i can’t find it?

nvrmnd found it

awesome thank you so much steve!!