Insertion of only one "stop" above a note

Hi, I have a score with multiple pentagrams, but I have to insert a “stop” only on a note.
I can’t find the indication on the manual, please help me?

Thanks… :slightly_smiling_face:

By default, fermatas automatically appear at the correct position on all staves. If you only want a fermata on one staff, you can create a custom playing technique that contains the fermata glyph.

This isn’t in the manual because there are very good reasons for telling all players in an ensemble that essentially time is going to be added at a certain point, the primary one being this ensures everyone stays together following the pause!

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Yes, I understand, however in the transcription of manuscripts, I have to copy exactly as in the manuscript (which is from the Baroque period) and I cannot change according to modern practice.

Maybe it would be interesting that there was a grid that would allow you to be set manually, where the user could configure Doric autonomously, forcing him for these needs, as for many others.
Thanks for your answer!

Ehm… I’m still using Doric 3.5, not Doric 4 …

In which case you can search the 3.5 manual yourself directly from this page. When users don’t tag a thread to clarify which version they’re using, I will always offer links to the latest manual because it’s generally going to be the best one available.

Is there any videos where it is explained how to use this windows?

In the Dorico 4 manual, yes. Most, if not all, of the information will still be relevant for Dorico 3.5. There’s another benefit to checking the most recent manual: manual improvements in addition to app improvements!


I bought Dorico 4, however, I have a slightly slow computer and I would like to replace it shortly and with this I compute version 4 is very slow.
For this I am forced to use “still” version 3.5.
Indeed, I would be interested in knowing what type of computer uses the teacher who creates these videos:

Do you know what kind of configuration does it use?

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