Inserts copy

Hi guys ,

Is it possible to copy one insert to multiple channels ? not the whole rack or effects just one insert?
Cubase 9.541


You can copy from one to another one. Just drag-and-drop the Insert while holding Alt modifier to copy it to another channel.

but not to a few all together ?

Unfortunately not.


You can select some tracks and click on ‘Quick Link’ into the console. So if you have checked ‘insert’ in the shared parameters, you insert in all tracks in the same time. After click on ‘Quick Link’ again to unlink

This unfortunately doesn’t work, if you copy the Insert to the linked channel (so it would be pasted even to the other linked channels).

This way you described, you can insert a plug-in to multiple channels. If you keep it linked and change the settings of the plug-in, it will change on all linked channels too.