Inserts half view in lower zone mixer. Is it a bug?

I’m using the 9.5 trial & surely this is a bug?

Half View2.PNG
Half View.PNG
Anyone else notice this or is it normal?

If you restart Cubase and/or the computer, is it still there?


I take it you’re not having the same problem?

I’m having the same issue. One of users recommended upgrading licenser software but it did not help me. For me it seems to be affecting the projects that were started on previous Cubase versions.

I am using C9.0.3 and have not seen that same graphical problem but I have seen other similar graphical errors on a couple of occasions that have been only temporary (i.e. a restart fixes them).

If it’s been like this since install and always looks this way then it is probably a graphics file corruption on install.
Re-running the installer should fix it.

Also run a maintenance on the eLicenser, with the newest version.
Updating alone may not help.

This issue should have been resolved in the 9.5.10 update. Still it might happen that the state of the insert width is stored in a 9.5 project.

In that case just open insert view in lower zone, zoom in max. horizontally and save the project under a new name. Close Cubase, start Cubase and reload the project. The view should be back to normal.