Inserts in mix bus

Hi all,

I posted a question yesterday about high CPU usage (Average audio processing) which I solved by simply removing a VST dynamics plug in from slot 1 on my mix bus.

That has led me to do a little test and I was hoping that some one technical will be able to offer some kind of answer.
I create a new Cubase file, and on the mix / stereo out bus only I inserted the following: slot 1-VST dynamics, slot 2-Multiband compressor, slot 7-UV22 and slot 8-maximiser. All the inserts are standard Steinberg with no third parties used.

With no audio, midi or instrument tracks at all the average audio processor goes up from 0% to between 20% & 30%??

I’m not really worried about it but the question I have is whether this a normal result or is there something not quite right with my set up?

Thanks in advance,

Jim B

It depends on how powerful your computer is, what your buffers are set to and what sound card you’re using (i.e. how well coded the drivers are).

I’ve learnt to not pay too much attention to the CPU meter. It will often appear to ramp up very quickly when you first start adding plugins but will then plateau and you will be able to add much more than you first expect.

Having said all that, 30% does sound very high in the situation you’re talking about.

Thanks for taking the time to respond J-S-Q,

I don’t know anything about drivers and codes so I haver no idea if that is something I can adjust?

It’s not a show stopper for me but it is something that I haven’t seen prior to the 8.2 update so maybe this is something that a Steinberg techie could comment on?

Thanks again,

Jim B

The only relevant thing you can usually adjust with your sound card is the buffer size. Higher buffers will allow you to run more plugins but will give higher latency when you monitor your input tracks through Cubase. You should be able to change your buffers in your sound card utility app.

If you’re saying there’s a clear change since 8.0.2 then that should not be expected.

However, as I said already, I’d be tempted to ignore the CPU meter generally. If you are actually finding that you can’t run as many plugins as before and that the audio is breaking up/crackling, THEN you have a real problem that needs addressing.

I think you should switch insert 7 & 8.

I’d be more worried about why you’re putting the ditherer before the maximiser. Dithering is done last. Always.

You see that is what I love about this forum!!

As I have said so many times, I am still pretty much a novice at this, and I don’t really know why I didn’t have dithering as the last plug :blush:

Rest assured, it will be from now on!!

Thanks Peppa and all the other responders!!

Jim B