Inserts in Stack/Mixer

Hi! I want to know if there is a difference between inserts in a stack or in the corresponding channel of the mixer.

Signal flow of a Stack is:
Input Channel (“Input” fader) ->Stack Channel->Inserts->
a) → “Send” to Fx Channels
b) → “Out” to output channel (big fader, also mixer channel)
…and Fx1/Fx2 to output channel.
So, a Stack is a submixer which mixes its internal channel (with inserts), and 2 fx channels to the output (mixer) channel (faders “Out”, “Fx1” and “Fx2”).

You can then further process the whole thing with the Stack channel in the mixer.
Sure, if you add no processing to the Stack, you could use it as an audio input only, and apply inserts and fx sends in the Stack (mixer) channel. Difference is that mixer fx (Group) channels are global, while Stacks switch with Parts.

To make sure, that I understand it correct. In case of a global stack all 8 inserts (besides the fx channels) are equal?

One feature wish. I have set up a microphone in a global stack, as I want one configuration over all songs. I added also an addtional output channel, cause the signals goes to an extra physical output of the soundcard. This I have to do for every song/part. Is it possible in the future to have a direct routing to an output channel for global stacks?

Pretty much.
The mixer channel for the Stack holds the mix of “OUT” (4 inserts), Fx1, and Fx2 (“VOL” for each). If you don’t use the Stacks’ own Fx channels, then yes, it is basically 8 inserts altogether.

But that’s how it works. The Stack Channel of the Global Part remains active all the time, and it can be routed anywhere. Or what is it that you are missing?

No you don’t. OUT Channels remain active all the time, and so does the Global Part and its Layers, Stacks etc, including their routing. But I tested it on the upcoming version, so maybe you ran into a problem that has been solved meanwhile.

I will wait for the next version. I encountered, that after I reload the project, all channels of the global stacks are not longer visible in the mixer in any part. And selecting the global stack in the stack view, vst live (1.1.53) crashes reproduceable. I removed the global stack for the moment.

We don’t accept crashes, can you send the crash report pls, thanks!

File size is 0 and could not be uploaded. Sorry, that this will be not much of help

Would the project file itself helps?

Yes please, that would probably help, thanks! (3.7 MB)
I added the chord folder, as it contains data. All other folders are empty

Thank you!

a) I can find no Global Part in that project?
b) it loads just fine here. No Halion 7, RF Sound Fonts or Grand 3 installed though. So you might try to see if it changes when you temporarily rename the vst3 folder?

I try it again with some screenshots how it looks here before it crashes.

There should be a channel of the global stack (called “Microphone”), but I dont see it in the mixer

Switching to stacks. There I can see it. The 2 inserts were “Roomworks” and “VSTDynamics” but now it shows “nc”

Selecting the stack (clicking with left mouse button in aerea of “Microphone”) crashes vstlive.

I added the project again. Maybe there was something wrong with the previous (3.7 MB)

Thanks for the project. Can’t find anything wrong with it, using next prerelease version coming very soon (probably today, check tonight). Mic channel of Global Stack is well visible and clicking like crazy in Global Stack panel reveals no problems either. So pls check again then, thanks!
Is it correct that your project runs at 96k sample rate? Just checking.

I’ve not finally decided if I will it run at 96k or 48k. If CPU load stays like now below 25% I will stay with 96k.

Thanks! With 1.1.54 it works now as expected and without a crash :slight_smile: