Inserts list gone in 4.0.30

after upgrading to 4.0.30 the list of inserts is suddenly empty here. In 3.5 everything is fine, the
VST file paths are also the same.
With Dorico files using e.g. reverb I can still click to “e” and see the VST GUI, but I cannot insert a new one. Even the Dorico inserts like Maximizer are gone.

Is there a way to go back to 4.0.20?

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here is a screenshot showing the empty list. I tried to empty the VST cache, no change.
Dorico (1.1 MB)
I also upload the diagnostic file as recommended by Dan.

Same issue here, this is a serious oversight. Downgrading now.

The website download points to 4.0.30 but I have a backup of Dorico_4.0.20_Installer_win if you need it.

Fun fact - if you go to the inspector in the play tab and click on insert effects - you will find that the VST list works as expected and you can add //change them there. So at least a partial temporary workaround. I’m curious - I can’t reboot my machine now because I’m on a conference call, but has been tried with any effect? I should mention I’m on Windows, but with the reboot question you might have assumed that. :wink:


Thanks for letting us know about this. We’re sorry this problem has slipped through. As Greg says, you can still access the list of inserts for each channel via the Inspector in Play mode, but that doesn’t help for e.g. the REVerence plug-in in the main reverb channel.

We’ll investigate and let you all know what we intend to do about it soon.


Reboot was the first thing I tried, and it didn’t help. Win11 here.

Same in Mojave on MacBook pPro mid 2015

Same. 4.0.30. Windows 10.

As I’ve already said, we are looking into this and will let you know what we intend to do about it as soon as possible.


@gdball: thank you for the workaround tip. Clearing VST cache and reboot (Windows 10) does not help.
@Riggs: with the workaround I will stick to 4.0.30 (and use 3.5 if necessary, thank God it is still available due to the license change).

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Dorico was fine, since v4 it’s like the quality is falling down. Have you change the team ? All was bufifful but now it’s like dorico start to be like cubase …
Have a simple look at the difference between the notice of dorico and cubase to see the quality of respect for the customer !
Dorico, don’t change please. You must keep your high level !

Steinberg has been quite transparent on this site about the challenges faced by the Dorico 4 release if you care to read the blogs and such. Everyone’s background is different, but it is very easy for me to understand what they are saying and put myself in their place.

I get that it is natural to be frustrated with a breaking change. But asking if they changed the team is a personal attack and worse - an attack on the personal abilities of the whole team. Maybe that is not what you meant to do, and I ask you to consider walking that one back sir.

As to the bug - it would be great in one sense if they decide to put out a quick patch. Yet the bug itself an example of what can sometimes happen when you work fast. So… I trust that they will do the best thing given their much greater understanding of the product.

My choice is to stay on this patch as it is workable for me with what I do. I find the inserts on individual instruments (which available from the inspector) to be the most creatively useful. If I DID emphatically need different FX or main inserts in Dorico, I’d either open a previous project that already had the ones I normally use, or else create a new project in an earlier Dorico version with those inserts. Then I’d open it in D4, clean it up and save it as a template - which I prolly should have already done anyway. :slight_smile:

Not that I don’t want to see it fixed, but I’m considering it less a loss of time, and more a poke to go do some template work that will actually result in a continuing time savings. But then I also say that Monday morning is the best day of the week - full of hope when nothing (more) has gone wrong yet so maybe I’m just weird. :slight_smile:

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We have just released a hotfix to resolve this issue:


The Dorico team are always responsive, regardless of the size and colour of images requesting “urgent updates”. :roll_eyes:


And that right there - that is just one continuing example.

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Thank you Dorico!

I agree with gdball, benwiggy. The team probably wanted to publish 4.0 early in 2022, accepting that not everything from 3.5 was in place. We all hope for the reapperance of the full editing capability in the play window!

I think you have not understood my mind.
Precesselly, I write that I know the quality of the team in dorico.
And for this reason, I ask them to not change they mind.
Dorico, his team and they work is wonderful, so my message is : don’t break all of this with a new collaboration to work with cubase.
Since v4 all mix aspects are différent and not better.
Fx send, fx insert, level at 0db

Well… bug corrected one day after been signaled. I think it’s really good.