Inserts not affecting sound

I Cubase AI - it came with my steinberg 22 ur c. Now: I can see all the inserts (including my Helix Native) in the list of inserts when I want to apply one to my audio track (to monitor my guitar). They show up when I choose them. But the only ones that actually affects the sound are the amp sims that came with the sound card (not the ones from Cubase or from Helix Native). I am thinking I have the busses wrong somehow. If you look at this picture I have “inserts” on two places. 1) at the top of the inspector (under the soundcard) where the amp sims from the soundcard do work, but no other inserts show in the list. 2) Below (under Output bus) where all the Cubase and Helix Native inserts show - but dont alter the sound when I choose them. Should they be before the output bus - and if so how do I change it? Really tricky this :slight_smile:

If you can not monitor VST software FX, during Recording but Playback, you are certainly in “direct monitoring” mode.