Inserts not working for some plugins

I spent ages with my mate trying to insert Guitar Rig as an Insert in VSTConnect. Guitar rig in the insert but nothing was coming through on either end and guitar rig didn’t open on the performers’ side. I finally discovered that if I loaded Guitar rig into a different slot at the same time it worked no problem then I unloaded it from the first slot an hey presto. That’s a fix for anyone having the same problem. Here are some of my problems.

The insert bypass button doesn’t seem to do anything.

At one point when nothing was playing there appeared what appeared to be a regular signal coming through the Studio channel in VST connect. It looked like music was playing but no sound was coming out. As soon as I muted the Studio channel the levels disappeared and never came back. I think I’m haunted.

Suggestions for the future(near I hope)

I would like to be able to access the mixer in VST Connect so I could start setting things up and save presets before the performer connects.

Being able to add a stereo or mono channel from the VST Connect menu.

I tried this a long time ago but being able to log in with your login details on two computers at the same time. Didn’t work when I tried it before and not got time at the moment to check it out.

Another problem that’s just popped up.

During playback I only get sixty seconds worth of play before the playback to the performer is lost, red lights agogo. This is exactly sixty seconds, I’ve timed it. Checking Ethernet monitor in the Task Manager (Windows 10) you can see everything running fine low-level send and receive until sixty seconds in then there is a large spike on the send and signal is lost for a few seconds then it comes back then sixty seconds later it’s lost again.The spike doesn’t anywhere near exceed my upload speed so there should be plenty of room.

I’ve only spotted this problem today but it may well be the cause of previous problems.

Thanks for any help.

There appears to be a bug which sometimes shifts channels, which is certainly confusing. We’ll make sure that all inserts etc. work as expected asap, sorry for the inconvenience.

“I would like to be able to access the mixer in VST Connect so I could start setting things up and save presets before the performer connects.”
Unfortunately, this is not possible because the Performer may have any configuration whatsoever, which we don’t know in advance. It’s not always the same. Performer should remember the last settings for the actual Cubase/Nuendo project though when a session is continued.

Can’t spot anything related to 60 seconds in our software. It is well possible that some other internet software such as virus scanners block internet traffic every 60 seconds. My personal preference is to not install any “protection” software at all, system protection is sufficient unless you do crazy darknet stuff.

Finally, we are working on improving network communication stability, however we’re certainly powerless when other processes or services block the line. And as stated every so often, speed is not of concern, quality of communication is.

I’m only using Windows 10 Antivirus and firewall. I’ll try switching them off to see what happens.

I’m using win 10 defender the same as you and have no issue ?

I’ve had a look around the internet and have found a lot of references to ping spikes that are happening every sixty seconds. I haven’t found a solution to my problem yet, a lot of the info is pretty old and refers to Windows XP and the solutions refer to files and services that don’t seem to be in windows 10. I’m still searching though.
I’m unable to test stuff out here at home as I need my mate to be connected to me so I can get stuff unplugged so I can see if I can find the problem and whether it’s at my end, his or both.

a) did you increase Remote Latency to at least 2 seconds? This might help to overcome the spikes.
b) we are preparing for a new version which also features better sync balance, if you want to test it, drop me a PM.