Inserts processing in spite of Solo/Mute + Long export...

Hey there together,

I’m working on a mastering project using Cubase 6. I have several tracks for each song including different VST plugs on the inserts. At the end I re-record each track as I’m using outboard equipment as well. Now the problem, when I try to export the (re-)recorded audio material, it’s taking me about 2-3 minutes, eventhough I’ve selected the track SOLO and no plugins are involved. It’s blank audio, this should be done within seconds! I’ve been wondering yet because Cubase is processing all insert effects at all time, no matter if a track is muted or others are in SOLO mode (“Treat muted audio as deleted” is activated)… I think Cubase is doing the same thing when exporting. Hope anyone can give me a hint about how to change that! THX & Regards :slight_smile:

Use the channel batch export.

This would be an option BUT: I have seperate stems for vocals and instruments for each song and I need to bounce them in a single audiofile… Thx anyway :slight_smile:

The solution is still there…Assign them to a group & then batch export.

Or you can just wait the couple minutes…or export realtime & use the time for a final critical listen.