inserts rack that follows selected channel/track

would like to have inserts(plugins) rack (like studio one concept) that contains all plugins inserted in a channel, and the plugins rack will follow selected track as the “channel settings” window follows selected tracks.
Edit: actually wavelab has also the same “insert plugin rack” i’m talking /thinking about !

Its should be (as I see it.)like The channel settings window,where you move to different channel it follows… So maybe a kind of insert floating rack is needed like in studio one, to avoid popping all plugins Gui at ones… I cant count how many times I tweaked the wrong plugin of other channel,and need to open and close plugins just to move from channel to channel,lot of clicking… So I think a special option for “mixing mode” to have rack plugin container following track could help workflow speed and mistakes.


Strong concept, especially for fast-moving ITB engineers.