Inserts section not appearing in the inspector

Not sure if I can recreate this. I’ve gone back to using 7.5 pro while I wait for a stable 8, and It’s possible that I’m opening v8.05 projects in 7.5. This might be part of it, as I had to totally rework my project templates for the update to v8. Anyway, in some cases, there is no place in the inspector for me to add inserts. The inserts bar is nowhere to be found. In some projects, they appear. It’s too late tonight for me to investigate further.
Anyone else seen this?

Right-click in a blank area of the Inspector, to bring up the pop-up menu, where you will see “Setup”, allowing you to set what you wish to be visible :wink:.

Thanks for the tip, truly. This is something that just began. I usually have at least one insert item on every track, and have for years, so I was surprised to see a very familiarinterface suddenly become unfamiliar.
I will, however, take a look and see if somehow the visibility got corrupted. It’s worth a moment to look.