Inserts switch off when channel highlighted

Hi, I was mixing some tracks yesterday and think i might have clicked on something by accident. Basically what is happening now is that when I select a channel to say alter the fader, the inserts on that channel all switch off but when I select another channel they come back on. I can get by with this as I just select the guide vocal track which is muted anyway and then all the inserts on all the other tracks come on. My problem is that I have a limiter, rightly or wrongly, on the master channel and I now cannot make any changes to it as when I highlight the master out channel the inserts seem to disable from being able to make any changes to them, even switching them on and off.
Does anyone have any idea what I have done and if and how I can reverse what I’ve done?


Make sure the Constrain Delay Compensation button is not enabled, please.

Perfect, thanks. I knew it would be something simple.