[Inside Glow] Time

Hi all
This track is about Time.
Not about that sad passing thing… , but as the 4th Dimension.
Going deep, whatever, implies it. It’s our call to smartly distribute.

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Very nice deep bass here. Lots of depth and space in general. Really great!

There are also some really original and very well used sounds. Very sought after and very refined work.

Well done!

Thank you Rene.
Happy you feel the changes in my workflow.
Took me some time, but yep, result is better.
More control, more clarity.
I also have a version with an acapella coming from a Chicago blues female singer, but unfortunately, i didn’t receive the right to use it.

Hi Stephane,
Nice to hear something new from you. I liked this a lot. It had a lot of space, and the sounds and mix were really good. Your sounds and the way you use rhythm and melody still remind me of later period Joe Zawinul. I’ve been making that comment with you for a long time, and I hope you always take it as a compliment. You’re not derivitave of him or his work, but there’s something similar at play.
By the way, I don’t think you’ve heard a few things I’ve put up here in the last few months, but the most recent thing I shared here earlier in January also is a bit of a meditation on Time. It’ s called Times Day Off. Your last thing here had something to do with trees or a forest, if I recall, and I mentioned to you in a comment that early last summer that I was about to put something up having to do with walking in the woods.
We must be sharing a musical brain, or we’re affected by a similar muse. If you get a chance to go back and listen to either of them, I’d be curious to know your impressions of what you’ll hear.
Nice work here, once again.

Hi John
Thanks for your comment, It confirms that i did a step forward.
Again, it’s an honor to be compared to Zawinul.
Regarding your tracks, i will give you feedbacks later today or tomorrow. Wasn’t able to do it yesterday 'cause i was travelling.
For the musical brain thing, you are fully right, perhaps it’s about age :slight_smile: , let’s say generation…
Take care.