Inspector 2.0

Workspaces still remembers song and zoom position? it feels like that renders the whole thing useless

I think you can undo zoom manually, or create workspace macros with undo zoom.

+1 from me! I love the idea and also believe that with 34" monitors horizontal real estate is a non-issue. 1-3 Inspector columns that are completely configurable/resizable in conjunction with workspaces, IMHO, is the way to go!
I do something similar that was totally inspired by this video. Huge thanks to Studio Drolet for this tip! 046 Cubase quick tip Using a second mixer for custom workspace - YouTube I had been wanting 2 Inspector columns for the longest time, and the solution was staring me in face! For me, a total workflow enhancer.

… It seems like you already found a solution similar to what I previously suggested here

so why bother with the new feature? Just save what you have as a workspace and save as a key command

this is literally the beauty and genius of Cubase. The feature already exists within the customization features of Cubase.

I’ve noticed that some folks seem to regard customizing as some kind of workaround instead of the intended way to accomplish a task.

Someone will post that they found a workaround to do something - no that’s just the way to do it.


This is why I love Cubase and say “Make Cubase more Cubase”

Wow, you guys are harsh. Didn’t see the need to get criticized for, yes, considering what I do a work-around and not a customization feature.
Using one of the consoles to view only one channel, in essence turning it into an attention fader, to me it just seems like a very inefficient use of one (yes, I understand we get 3) of the consoles, and wouldn’t think it was Steinberg’s ‘intended use’. But hey, that’s one ‘way to do it’.

So 'why bother’ if it ‘already exists’?
I would simply say. I believe Steinberg just like the other DAW companies seek to provide purpose-built and elegant solutions to these types of user interaction.
The Inspector is purpose-built and already there. I’m just requesting, much like the aforementioned mixers, 1,2, or 3 of them if we so choose. Horizontal resizing so we can fully read all pertinent info would make it elegant. I honestly don’t believe it would be difficult to implement. (All the spilling features I’m desiring are a different story.)

For the record, I’d like to state…

First and foremost, I also absolutely love Cubase! I wouldn’t be looking to be active on the forum if I didn’t. Deep customization that adapts to many workflows is without question, part of its ‘beauty and genius’ (nice statement by the way). Actually, the broader and deeper the options you give me, the better!

Second, somewhat contradictory to what I just stated, I would also hope that fine-tuning many of the existing features be a priority of resource allocation.

That wasn’t harsh mate, just logical. I’m way more harsh when I’m harsh lol. mods delete my posts when I’m being harsh.

But no, no harshness intended here, just logical analysis and reduction.

Are you aware of Workspaces? Because you can design the Mixers to be different per workspace. I’m not sure/can’t remember to what extent though.

If there was anything I could abstract out of this thread that Steinberg could do to remedy your want that I would also be interested in - it would be giving us the ability to create more custom mixers.


or do what I did and use the channel editor, it takes up a bit more space, but not a big deal if you have an ultrawide

Umm… I’m not buyin’ that this is by design. Try your layout on a 32". It doesn’t work. And if Steinberg designed this customizability for ultrawide owners only, then they should probably consider us lowly 32" monitor users as well going forward.
And If the Mix Console 1,2 and 3 were designed to be anything but the Mix Console i.e. faders, Steinberg would have allowed the user to hide the faders/ Lower Zone… no?

I never said it was solely designed for Ultrawide (although it is becoming a trend)

See the other solution above utilizing one of three mixers if you don’t have the screen realestate


Also, in your OP… your screen appears to be an UltraWide, is it not?

The customizability of Cubase is intended by design… I don’t really get what you’re getting at. if you can do it… you can do it… and Cubase is designed to allow you to do things…

Having 3 mixers that can be resized to any size… is by design… intended to be 3 mixers that can be customized however the user wants…

So what about the not being able to hide the lower zone/faders? seems like that should be doable if this was Steinberg’s take on true customization. And why call it a Mix Console not FX Window, Rack Window, Sends Window? etc. etc. Here is your Workspace on a 32".

I was referring you to Inspector 2.0 - #23 by John_R_Cardona , not my picture.

The set up in that picture is probably bette for you if you have a small screen

But either way the fact there are some caveat limitations on customization doesn’t really negate my point.

The rest of what you’re talking about is just imo inconsequential semantics

Also, in your screen situation, I wouldn’t use my set up… If I was in your situation, I’d probably do something like this (tried to mimic your size)
I have ctrl+e binded to open/close channel edit window, and have the mixer sized behind it, to be able to flip back and forth

actually… I think I’ll even make this workspace, pretty handy.

Nice. But me still thinks Steinberg could develop this concept a smidge.