Inspector App for iPad and Android

I think that it would be very useful to have a companion app for Cubase which would essentially be the Inspector from Cubase.
So selecting a track in would automatically update the app with appropriate track information etc.
This would need to include the VST Expression settings so that if one has articulations programmed with VST Expressions, the app would allow you to choose your articulation while recording or before you start recording. This would also need to be updated when another track was to be selected.

Also PLEASE UPDATE THE IC-Pro APP so that the faders have a longer throw!!! LARGER FADERS!!!

Just check out Composer Tools Pro from Midi Kinetics

This is essentially what we need but more closely integrated with Cubase!!!
Or better yet - hire the MidiKinetics developer and let him be part of Steinbergs team!!!
This guy is brilliant, as you can see from the videos!!!