Inspector Basics section not expanding on click

13.10, 13.20 - all the same. When U click inspector’s Basics section to expand - nothing happens. Have to click somwhere else, sometimes 10 times^ trying to open THAT particular tab. All others expand like charm on a click. MAC M1/Intel/Big Sur/Ventura - all the same


This has been discussed here on the forum already (please search for it). You have to keep the mouse in the same position. Cubase is waiting for the double-click to decide, if you clicked only once (and you want to expand/collapse the tab), or if you double-clicked to rename the track.

Oooouch thanks for clarifying! )))) But that’s tooooo slow, really… is there any way to customize it using .ini or whatever staff? )))) I mean it’s a FIRST time ever I’m feeling it as a bug, but not a feature since ever version ))