Inspector broke

The entire menu on the left is broke and nothing will respond/click/work there.

The situation is the same regardless if I open an old project or start a new one.

As far as I know it’s called the Inspector:

Also, this is affecting automation, for example, I have read and write enabled on any VST, it will record manual knob editing, it also plays it back fine when only read is enabled, however when I try to click “show used automation (selected track)” it doesn’t show up, it won’t let me do it, this is a huge problem as I need to be able to edit automation properly.

Edit - Read/Write automation doesn’t work at all, it doesn’t even record manual knob twist.

I would sincerely appreciate any help!

The way out of this problem, always works for me at least, is to do a soft reboot of Windows. Don’t turn off/on your machine as this won’t solve the problem.

For Windows 8 a soft reboot is

  1. Press ctrl alt del key combination.
  2. Click the machine on/off icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Click Restart.

After the reboot, open your project. The inspector should respond normally.

Same solution here.

Ah, thanks very much!

Any idea why this happens?

Something about the Windows clock, not the clock that displays time, going out of sync, and it needs to be reset. I didn’t understand the explanation but the solution does work. On my system it happens like clockwork about once a month. I used to use Windows System restore to fix it, but a software reboot is much easier.