Inspector - driving me nuts!!!

I’ve had this issue with Nuendo from V2.

The way the collapsing/opening of sections in the inspector works (or more accurately, doesn’t) is driving me up the hill! :imp:
There is no rhyme or reason to it. I can open sections up (with alt pressed, because a regular click collapses sections for some unknown reason), only to have them collapse again when i go back to the track (seemingly based on the previous track I clicked…or not, who knows).

I can create presets where I specify with the pin what sections should remain open.
I might as well stick these pins in my eyeballs, as they’ll be more effective there.
Despite saving and recalling presets, the inspector still ends up open and closing sections at random when i switch tracks.
yes, even after rebuilding preferences blablabla.

This is ridiculous. It is a serious design flaw that has been done, better, in many, many other professional apps…from 3ds Max, to Maya, to whatever.

It is really simple. You put an arrow on the left side for each section.
The arrow points down, the section is open…the arrow points right, the section is closed.
Click to change the direction of the arrow.
And you keep it the same for all tracks OF THE SAME KIND, i.e the layout of what is open and closed.
Boom, done.

For a 1k+ program I expect a lot more.
I shouldn’t even have to be typing this.

+1 here !!!

Do you have the same experience on both OSX and W10?

I would maybe wait and see what the next version brings. (wink) I believe someone said it should be out this month…


Yep, I’ve had it both on the Mac and PC…I’m currently back on the PC (possibly indefinitely, until SB fix the UI lag on Mac OS X), and the inspector behaviour is consistent in its inconsistency :slight_smile:

Me too.
That‘s why I use a seperate mixer window that displays ony one channel instead. Not everything is there (especially if you need the midi stuff I believe) but for audio this is a nice workaround

+1 on this. Mac or Windows it drives me nuts!

Thanks for the tip, I’m giving that a go right now:) Only issue is that I have to minimise the project windows, so it unfortunately takes up a bit more space because of the extra title bar…but seems to work so far.

I had this issue ( though in my case it always switched to midi fader section) until I got in mind that the issue’s gone when not turning on my Artist Control. Ok, that’s who’s guilt! A little investigation and I found that unchecking “Workstation tracks knob set changes” in EuControl settings solves it. Now all the states of inspector’s sections remain as I set it. Maybe this info help you.

I wonder why SB wouldn’t just make the Inspector panes work like the Project Folders? You know, the functionality immediately to the right in the same application that works as expected.

Seems like that would be suuuuuuuper easy.

Thanks for the tip!!!

Thanks too. I did wonder about that a long time…


  • 1!!! I may even have written about this in one of the early FR of mine on this forum for N6 or so. IMO the inspector is using too much space with all the open and close buttons and outlines for every element. This is much sleeker and takes less space in most other DAWs. You could see more, have bigger font for legibility.

I’m not on 8.3 yet, so was this improved?