Inspector Exp Map Window follow (automatically scroll to) triggered Articulation


for expression maps that have a lot of articulations (which are most of my tracks), you always have to scroll down to see more than 10 artiucaltions in the expression maps list window.
If I trigger a keyswich for an articulation that is currently outside the viewable area, it would be great if cubase could automatically scroll to the articulation (displaying the articulation in the center of that expression maps list in the inspector).
That would automate the necessity currently to always use the mouse to scroll every expression map up and down for each and every track…
Any votes for this or thoughts woudl be highly apprectiated.
Thanks, lokotus
PS: I remember the expression map window in the inspector was once very tall/large, which I really liked. Currently it is way to small after the “update” many years ago forcing a lot of scrolling which wasted valuable time.
PS: If Automatic scrolling is too complicated, maybe a feature to custom adjust the size (how tall) this windows should be displayed in the inspector would also be a better option for us…