Inspector In Lower Zone Idea - Mockup Design

Idea is too good to implement. It makes sense and all that. Dig it James

Ableton Live has this lower inspector for 15 years already :slight_smile:)

This is a beautiful idea, it’d be even better if it were to be based on NOT the new new, fugly GUI.

I love it! Hoping to see that implemented very soon.

Hi all

Adding my 2 cents, I agree that this is a seriously good idea.

Best Regards, Dave

The mockup is great! Hope to see something like this in a (near!) future. It would be nice to be able to customize the view (i.e. option to hide/show and reorder elements).

That looks really good. It would be interesting to see this as an option.

Love it. This is what forward thinking DAWs implement. Hate to say it but is is much like what Tracktion has done. These mock-ups have been great. I hope the Steinberg team is seeing this and seriously considers implementing some of them. The current workflow is such a roadblock. Or at least a very chopped up bumy back road!

Just wanted to add that with new monitors going wider and wider this makes total sense. With the current inspector implementation, you really need to turn your widescreen monitor up vertically to see the inpector properly!

Yes, this combined with lots more available adjustable parameters in the track headers would transform Cubase instantly to me to a much higher level workflow-wise in some ways.

Gets my vote
would be cool if it where an option or toggle or even the ability to use either or .

for those of us who have gotten used to the vertical inspector

Thanks for sharing.

Great Mockup, great idea !

Abit similar to Ableton Live’s device chain in the lower area.
Such a horizontal view of the different Inspector Tabs is somehow easier on my eyes, i have a feeling i can see more easy and faster a whole overview of all the Tabs, instead of with the vertical view of the Tabs at the left side in Cubase.

This gets my vote. Very nice…

I like that a lot. Bring it

You got my vote as well, this would be a wonderful option.

On reading the title I was thinking I would not like it. I was wrong. I think your idea is an excellent one. I like the way everything is handy. I would like this as an option. Great idea.

For me this would be more usefull than any of
the current cubase’s lower zone items


Awesome support for these ideas! Thanks all! :slight_smile: