Inspector > Inserts > drawing a blank :(

When I click on an Audio track to see what i selected in Amp Simulator, the amp is no longer selected - i see nothing in the box.
I have to guess what i chose!

How can i make sure this does not happen again?

Steps taken:
Inspector > Inserts > AmpSimulator/ > no name of amp

Can you please post some screenshots? It makes it so much easier to tell what’s going on.

AmpSimulator is on the top left. Does this help?

I don’t understand what you mean by this. What do you expect to see and in what box?
I don’t see anything out of the ordinary in your screenshot, I’m afraid.

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I guess that the issue is that you don’t have any selected preset visible. Strange indeed…

Do you have the expected presets list displayed, though, when ckicking on the presets area of Amp Simulator window ? If so, what happens when choosing one ?

Here is the AmpSimulator without anything appearing in the box:

Here the amp is listed in the box, but only because I scrolled down to select one. Not good!

I can choose any amp, no problem. I just don’t like how

in order to remember what amp i chose in the first place, i have to write it down in the Notepad. lame!

I see now. It’s the name of the Preset that disappears.
(I believe the name of the amp is “Crunch”/“Bass Woman” in your screenshots.)

Does this happen, the name of the preset not showing, happen if you don’t alter any of the settings of that preset?

Additionaly to @mlib inquiry, Do the presets get lost :

  • As soon as you change the track selection ?
  • When closing/re-opening the project ?
  • From one Cubase session to another ?

Details would be welcomed. Just in case : maybe you should try to open Cubase in safe mode, with the Disable program preferences option ticked.

Crunch/Bass Woman appeared only after I selected an amp; it was blank when I opened AmpSim.

And no, the name of the preset does not show when I open the AmpSim, even if I do not alter any settings of the preset.

If you open it for the first time in this track? There is no preset loaded, so nothing to show.

Excuse me, I misunderstood. What i meant to say/type is that I have already chosen an amp preset but when I open AmpSim again, the amp no longer appears.

Oh wait, I think i realize what i was doing wrong. Whenever i opened AmpSim, the preset was blank ONLY WHEN I OPENED THE INSERT BY CLICKING ON THE RIGHT ARROW, not when I click on the words AmpSimulator. Of course!

Excuse me for being a moron (Doh!) but thanks so much for the quick responses. You are all wonderful Cubasers lol

If you click on the arrow, you reinitialize the plugin, or you can choose a different one. It’s like a restart.

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