Inspector not remaining open - Key Editor

I find that whenever I open, then close, and then open the Key Editor again that my previous panels don’t remain open.

I’m guessing this is by design but is there a preference to change this behavior or would it be a Feature Request since I’m not sure it can be classified as an Issue.

Where, what, in the lower zone or windowed editor.

There is no Inspector available in the Lower Zone AFAIK but it’s in the Windowed Editor that this is happening (or not).

…and that is a frequent FR.

Hi Steve,

By default it seems that Track is selected but when I select Editor and then click on a part Track is returned.

I don’t think it should work this way personally but others might disagree.

Thanks for pointing that out but as a further example Chord Tools aren’t available so it’s of limited utility.

I don’t understand what you said- must be a typo.

The Editor tab should be active when the focus zone is on the editor. Check out the focus zone feature which is new compared to C7

You mean this:

Very cool, thanks again.

Voilà. There have been some serious evolutions in the GUI, though things remain to be fixed/evolved. (forever…)

Also the manual is much better in terms of searching online, the built in search works better than the pdf, and you can leverage the search using Google syntax with in your search.