Inspector Program Selector - No Text


I have just upgraded from Cubase Studio 5 to Cubase 6, the installation went very smoothly without any problems.

I have loaded my keyboard, a Technics KN7000 in the Midi Device Manager and selected the normal output I used in CS5.

I now create a midi track and select my keyboard from the ‘Output Routing’ box of the Inspector, then go down to the ‘Program Selector’ box to select a patch, all the patch’s are available and changes to the correct patch on my keyboard, but the patch name is not displayed in the Program Selector box after the patch is selected. In CS5 the selected patch name remained visible so you could see which patch is assigned to that track.

What am I doing wrong ??


I already posted similar complain few days ago. Loosk like this is a bug.

Yes, we have it tracked already, thanks.

May be these issues relate to each other?

Program Names are not updated when switched to another program…

Sorry didn’t see previous post :blush: