Inspector Redesign...

I would like to see the inspector redesigned. I would like to see more information at a quick glance.

For example, the Sends and Inserts are just way too large IMO. If you open them both at the same time, you can take up the entire space of the Inspector.

Why not just redesign it so that they both fit neatly in a much smaller fashion? This will leave room to see other items in the inspector.

I would like to be able to see at the very least: the inserts, sends, a fader, and the track info all at the same time.

The new feature of being able to scroll up and down is not that great IMO.


I am completely agree with you jpm999!
At this moment the Inspector panel is just a continuous process of clicking and cursing.
I have attached the image with possible design improvements which from my point of view could significantly help in the daily work:

I hope some day we will have a nice and friendly Inspector panel.
Cubase Inspector.png

+1 as well.

My track names are WAY too long to be displayed correctly, inspector should be resizable like the Rack window