Inspector scrolling bug

  1. Open enough sections in the track inspector that you need to scroll the inspector vertically to see all the sections.
  2. Switch to another type of track which does not have enough inspector elements open that you need to scroll.
  3. Now switch back to the first track that needs scrolling. The scroll bar is now missing and it’s impossible to scroll down to see the inspector sections at the bottom.


The problem is, the Inspector is not in focus. To see the scrollbar, you have to click to Inspector, or use the Tab/Shift+Tab keys to switch focus there.

You can still use the mouse scroll-wheel to scroll up/down in the Inspector.

That’s the bug :slight_smile:. The scrollbar shouldn’t disappear just because focus is lost. It requires an extra click when the scrollbar disappears. No other scrollbars in Cubase work this way.


All scrollbars of this type are working the very same way in Cubase.

  • Inspector in the Project window.
  • Inspector in the editors.
  • Track Visibility
  • Zones
  • Control Room
  • VSTi Rack

Other scrollbars of this type do not work like this in Cubase.

  • Project Window
  • Mix console

    If you find there are some other panes which have the same bug, that doesn’t change the fact that it is working wrong. Scrollbars should not disappear when focus is lost. I can’t believe I have to explain this, but the scroll bar serves an important purpose even when it doesn’t have focus, by showing the user there is more content than is currently displayed.

I do understand your point, that you would wish, the scrollbar is alway visible.

At the other I’m wondering a bit, that you ask for this as a macOS user. :wink: