Inspector short cut from Cubase 5- disappeared?

Used Cubase from the Atari times… The “inspector” plane has always been vital for me to access and close quickly to view each track sends etc. Now you need three, I mean three clicks to activate/disactivate it! This represents a little waste of time once, but 100s times during a single session, this has become a nightmare. What happened to the shortcut from all the previous versions? And that little dark multichoice box now popping up, apart from being dead ugly, it’s also very awkward to use since the ticking boxes are tiny and difficult to hit!!

Another strange thing, but this could be my fault, I loved the controller tracks below the audio editing with a ‘shadowed’ representation of the waveform… now, on my Cubase 6 set up it has disappeared and I am working ‘blind’…

Third and last, for now, when I open the edit page of a track (e) the equaliser doesn’t show any presets, which are there if you open it as an insert… weird…

Any help?

Otherwise C6 is fabulous and I don’t know what you’ve done but the latest 6.0.1 version is much, much more stable than the original, which on my laptop used to crash every 20 minutes… hmmm, what was wrong with 6.0.0… It doesn’t matter I suppose :slight_smile:

ALT - I should be working as shortcut for Show/Hide Inspector. I was upset too, when they took away the Show Inspector button…

There is a little rhombic symbol on the top of the EQ windows, called Preset Management. Maybe that´s what you are looking for.

Hope this helps.


Yes. There are Key commands for all the options in that pop-up. (In Key Commands>“Editors”)

Yes, thanks for the ‘shortcut’ hint. Still, judging from other users’ postings and complains, why has the shortcut disappeared in the first place? It wasn’t hurting anyone and it could be switched off anyhow… :question: