Inspector sidebar disappeared

Hi all!
I’m fairly new to Cubase (but not to recording) so I hope this question is not stupid.
I did a search but couldn’t find anything.

So Recently I tracked some basses for an album. I did them at home since we were in lockdown. I received a Cubase project from the studio we were working with (they have the latest version and I have 7.5) and appart from a message regarding plugins I don’t have installed, everything went smoothly with the exception that the inspector sidebar was not present.
I thought this was a workspace decision made by the studio (I work in Premiere Pro and the interface in that software is very flexible, you could get rid of every panel and just have a timeline if you wanted) so I pretty much ignored, but after then I’ve noticed that every project I create also comes without a sidebar and obviously that’s an issue.

Am I missing something here? Is there an on/off button?

Ok Found the solution, it was right next to the activate project toggle.
There I had the inspector turned off. I have no idea why anyone would want that but ok.

It’s just to make your project window bigger if you need the space. I think you can also do this by pressing alt+i (at least in newer versions)…