Inspector tabs graphics issue: dark-green and unreadable.

Oh, I see… really dissapointing :frowning: .

I can’t understand why Steinberg doesn’t solve this issue, if it is clearly related to one of Cubase’s library. I mean, that if the culprit were the Intel graphics driver, it should fail also with the 9.5.2 library, dont you think?

I was thinking to update too, but I will be waiting for a solution prior to waste my money. Dissapointing, really dissapointing.

Thanks for share your experience, btw.

Kind regards.

Today I’ve noticed something really weird… The tabs has back to their logical default state :open_mouth: ! Not dark-green unreadable anymore. Their tags are back, and their grey color too.

I’m astonished because I haven’t done anything to try to solve it. The only thing that could make sense to me, is that some Windows update have done the trick. I’m really shocked.

Kind regards.

What cubase dll do you use now? The latest?
Also what driver version of your graphics card do you have? (you can check under “device manager” and then under “display adapters”.
I have (19/05/2016)

Lucky you…! Which Windows version?
I updated W8.1 but no change.
I even tried a total reinstall of W8.1 and Cubase 9.5.41 on a temporary replaced ssd but the same issue again.
My Grahics driver is Intel HD Graphics When I try to update it says no newer or better driver available…

Hi xplorr, I guess I’m using the latest Cubase dll, because it is updated to the 9.5.41 version, and I haven’t changed anything within the app directory.

Related to the graphics, the card is an integrated Intel HD 3000, and the version of the driver is the same that you have mentioned: Intel Corp. (19/05/2016).

My OS is Windows 10 Pro, ver. 1803 (17134.407 compilation).

Hope that helps.

Kind regards.

Yes, it’s has been an unexpected stroke of luck :mrgreen: .

My OS is Windows 10 Pro, ver. 1803 (17134.407 compilation). Perhaps, Microsoft has fixed something in this OS, and will going implenting gradually in other Windows versions…

You are right, this seems to be the latest driver version. I tried to find a new one too, but without success. In fact, I’ve found that Intel has discontinued the support for this Graphics family.

Are you able to jump to Windows 10? Perhaps this is the crux of this issue.

When Windows 10 was there, I performed the free upgrade. But then my pc did startup more slowly and I found no benefits. So I turned back to 8.1 which serves me well till now…
Hopefully there will be such a surprise-update for 8.1 too…

Thank you for the information!
I have the same driver as you, same windows version, but not the latest windows update it seams.
My windows version is Windows 10 ver. 1803 (17134.345).
I checked windows update and there are 2 windows updates between your version 17134.407.
I cannot change my Cubase version now, but maybe someone with the same windows version and driver version as mine can test the 2 windows updates and let us know what is the result.
These 2 updates are:
Let me know if it helped. (the first update mentions graphic problems, but not sure if they are related.)

Did you upgrade, or did you make a clean install? There are a great difference between this two methods. Just upgrading could lead to a lot of performance issues. I’ve found that W10 is more efficient that 8.1 nowadays. It’s true that time to time some problems arises, like the “files erased” issue of the last update. But this kind of faults are very rare, and normally fast solved. I think you could make a clean install downloading the latest ISO from Microsoft to test it, if this is an option for you.

You’re welcome :wink: . Mmmm… I think that if the Windows update is related to some graphics issue, chances are that this could be the solution to fix the Cubase tabs problem. As I told previouslly, I haven’t done anything to solve the problem, and it has gone away “magically”. If I had to bet, I would say it has been Windows’ fault and solution.

I did an upgrade of Windows 10. I will try a clean install on a temporary replaced c: drive, if I can still upgrade for free…

Once you has upgraded to W10, I guess it should remains activated, although you have made a rollback. When you go for a fresh install, only skip the key number screen by clicking the link (I think it says “I don’t have a serial number” or something like that).

Anyway, perhaps W10 is not going to be the solution…

Today my tabs has become dark green again. I’ve made a reboot, and voilá, there are my gray labeled tabs in working order again :open_mouth: .

I’ve also noticed a blast in the VST meter when I attempt to open a plugin’s GUI while mixing. In fact, if I do so, it leads audio to stops. I’ve a lot of VSTi runing, and a bunch of plugins too at the same time, but the VST meter jumps from 60 or 70% to the red zone, and remains there when I attempt to open a plugin’s GUI.

My Cubase is running the new 64bits precision audio engine. I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2ndGen. The driver is up to date and running at 1024 latency for mixing tasks.

This issue is graphics related for sure, but I don’t know what to do to solve it. Time to go for a new more powerfull laptop perhaps…

Just a reboot resolved it? It’s a mysterious phenomena… When you learn some more about this, I’d be glad to hear!

I’m a little afraid to perform the Windows 10 upgrade as a test: I don’t know if I still can roll back easily to 8.1 now, or if my temporary replaced C: drive with 8.1 on it will still be functioning well after the licence has changed to Windows 10…

I confirm that this issue persists in Cubase 9.5.50 on my old notebook with Intel HD Graphics 3000 and Windows 10. I have tried everything, including disabling the graphics acceleration via a registry hack. Nothing worked :confused:


Running Pro 9.% and have the same problem. For me, it’s trying to read the sample editor inspector while using Vari Audio. What’s the deal, Steinberg?

Cubase isn’t compatible with Intel HD 3000 Graphics when using Windows 10. The reason behind is that this graphics card isn’t officially supported on Windows 10.

I will risk repeating what I have said elsewhere but I am getting to that age!
It seems to me to be a little hard on those of us who have decent i7 laptops but have run afoul of lack of support from Intel, Microsoft and finally Steinberg. I understand that hd3000 could be regarded as legacy these days but my laptop was deemed to be fine for the upgrade path from W7 to W10 when the offer was available from Microsoft. The latest graphics driver from Microsoft was only three years ago [see].
I didn’t expect that running cubase would be so sensitive to modern graphics requirements - I mean - its not a video intensive game is it?
But what do I know about programming?
I love composing electronic music and have used cubase for years but its getting quite silly when a combination of vendors can only produce a situation in which compatibility is so short-lived. Not everyone is in £30k+ income bracket in which they can keep spending cash on updating hardware/software.
Rant over :frowning:

Oh. And another thing:
Nothing else but Cubase on my laptop suffers from graphics problems! :confused:
I will soon install Cubase 10 on my machine. Can anyone tell me if I should look forward to the same/similar graphics problems with that?
Rant definitely over now.

Problem seems to be fixed for me in Cubase Elements 10.0.20 (trial version). :slight_smile:
Inspector tabs are now normal.
Did not change my graphics card or driver.
As soon as I notice strange behavior, I will report here.
If someone wants to try the graphics2d.dll from 10.0.20 in an earlier version like 9.5, I have added it in attach.
Please let me know if that works. (614 KB)

I did have a remote session with a Steinberg techncian but the problem couldn’t be resolved and I gave up.

Here the problem still exists in Cubase 10, only in a less drastic way:
Inserts are black with white fonts, and Sent levels are black, both independent of color settings.
At least everything is readable now, though it’s not ideal…

The old graphics2d.dll version out of Cubase 9.5.2 placing in Cubase 10 doesn’t fix the problem anymore, the program won’t startup with it.
It does fix the problem though in Cubase 9.5.5.
Placing graphics2d.dll version out of Cubase 10.0.20 in Cubase 9.5 does not fix the problem here.