Inspector tabs resetting on new selection

To see this happen as I am:

  • Open a project with audio events and open one so that the editor opens in the lower project window.
  • In the Inspector click on the Editor tab at the bottom, as if to access VariAudio, for example.
  • Now click on another audio event. The Inspector, annoyingly, reverts to the Track tab.

This means that running through, say, the events of an edited vocal to check anything accessed from the Editor tab has suddenly become a thorough pain. Other tabs stay as set by the user when selecting new events. It seems to be just the Editor tab in the Inspector.

Surely this must be an oversight and not an intentional feature. Can the Track tab please stay visible until I decide…



Once you click to the Editor, the Inspector switches to the Editor automatically.

Thanks for your reply, Martin, but it is switching away from the Editor when I click on another event that is happening, imo, wrongly. I’ve just realised that there are of course two tabs labelled Editor. I’m talking about the left-hand pane, not the lower. I just feel that if I have the VariAudio controls showing for one event, then they should remain visible (in the left-hand pane) as I move from event to event and not have to re-select Editor as I move along the line (of VA-manufactured bvs in this case).

Hope that clears things up.



It depends on the focus. If the focus is in the arranger area, the Track Inspector is shown. If the focus is in the Editor area, the Editor Inspector is shown.

Aha! If I go event to event using the cursor keys then the Editor panel stays visible! Same behaviour in 9.0. Thanks for the hint, Martin. Happy now… Cheers, C