Inspector & Track buttons (UI)... Ghost

Something strange happening with buttons on Inspector and Track header. Like ghost window for Instrument/plugin.

  1. Create Instrument track and close its window.
  2. Click on Programs in Inspector pane.

Result - buttons that opens Instrument window are in colors like Instrument window is opened, but clicking on Programs opens only a list of programs for that Instrument. This is not so disturbing while list is opened.

  1. Close the list by selecting program or cancel selection.

Result - all colored buttons still colored like something of that Instrument is still opened. Checking with Alt+Tab - there are no additional windows.

(Tested on 9.5.20)

I am also having this issue. I just Upgraded from 9 to 9.5 today so it seems like bad timing. I hope there’s a fix soon because this is pretty unusable at the moment


Could you try in Safe Start Mode, please?

I booted in safe start mode and selected “disable program preferences”. I still continued to have the same issue and also noticed some knobs on plugins were also missing. I linked pictures of this issue.

That has nothing to do with the bug described by the thread starter. Make sure that Windows is fully updated and that you have the latest drivers for your GPU installed.

Reset your Cubase preferences.