INSPECTOR ( VISABLE TRACKS LIST) Way to small for proper track naming


THE INSPECTOR contains the list with the VISIBLE TRACKS. In order to be useful, the track names should be recognised. Unfortunately the inspector is way to small so only a tiny fraction of the current track name is visible which makes using this feature very time consuming and more like a guess work.
Please solve…
Thanks , lokotus

Possible solution: A Way to drag the inspectors width with the mouse so it becomes larger and thus longer track names are fully visible…

+1. Yes please let us expand the width of the inspector list. It cuts off the names. If a track begins with the same prefix (pads-xyzname) then that’s about all you can see and if other tracks begin with that prefix, you can’t tell which track is which in the list. Or at least let us use a smaller font size. But preferably widen that left pane.