Inspector / Visibility

Is there a key command for selecting Inspector or Visibility?


Ctrl+Shift+T: Toggle Inspector Tabs.

Hi Martin
Thanks again for your help!

So this key command disappeared a few versions back. I think Nuendo 7 was the first to not have it. Are there new key commands other than “Show Next Tab” for going straight to the Inspector, Visibility, Track, and Editor? The focus has to be on the left zone for this to even work.
Window Zones.png


Key Commands: Windows Zones > Show Previous Tab or Show Next Tab is available here.

This works in the Project window, MixConsole and all editors in Cubase.

Thank for your reply. I guess since there were only two tabs when they made a second tab it made sense to have another key command for it to toggle. I wish there were commands that would always take you to a certain tab with not just next or previous.