Insta-Crash on certain Projects when loading ... BUT

Hi there,

I’ve been getting incessant crashing when trying to load new projects that Ive been working on over the past couple of weeks. I can be working on something all day - all is well - but when I close the project and reopen it it crashes within seconds of loading. It always seems to crash when loading audio tracks - just before video is loaded. Thing is there’s no plugins or anything loaded on those tracks. It doesn’t even have a chance to load instruments at all.

These projects are based on my template, with basically the same instruments/effects loaded. The template opens up perfectly fine. Old projects seem to open OK, those also using the same stuff. I’m hoping to not have to rebuild the template.

The thing is the projects aren’t corrupt. Without fail, I can open them as long as I do this procedure:

  • Load template.
  • Load troublesome project, but do not activate.
  • Go back to template project and close.
  • Troublesome project automatically attempts to load - loads successfully.

This is my current workaround but anyone have similar such issues? I’ve heard of people in the past going back a few versions having to do this to get certain projects to load. Also cubase is not producing any crash dumps when this happens so there’s nothing to analyse or pinpoint what the issue is. I’ve had about 40 crashes over the last 2 days and I have 2 crash dumps. None at all from today.

Could use some help!

UPDATE: After installing Cubase 9, the problem remains. 95% of the event log files point to ntdll.dll being the fault. From what little I know, this itself could point to almost anything. Anyone else have ntdll.dll errors? What did you find was the problem? Cubase is practically unusable at the moment. I’ll contact tech support but it seems that here in Australia you have to go through Yamaha first. What happened to being able to submit support tickets? We have a project due in a week and currently I don’t see us getting there.