Insta rename instrument tracks with plugin and preset name?

Hi everyone.

Anyknows if it’s possible to rename an instrument track to automatically to assume the plugin and presets name? or even just the preset?

Sometimes I’ll just add 10 or 20 empty tracks and go crazy, and start futzing around with the plugins and several presets and (call me lazy) I wish I could rename all of them with a “single” click.

Is it possible using the Logical Editor?

Thank you.

Really?? no one???

Why don’t you just try it? :wink:

The Project Logical Editor is an incredibly mighty tool, and although I never needed that kind of function(s) myself, it’s the first place I would start looking.

Other than that, it might be something you need an external macro editor for.

That’s the thing, I have no idea where to start. I can only do the basics like change multiple track names, etc… I think this requires someone with more knowledge in the Logical Editor.