Install 10.5 instead of 10 by way forward

Hi recently bought a new laptop and download cubase pro 10.5 thinking that was the version i had a license for, turns out its only cubase pro 10 I hold a license for.
when i insert my usb stick and start cubase 10.5 it doesnt work (no valid license found)
so wondering what is the best way forward?
do i uninstall all the 10.5 install , start a fresh download of 10 and try again?
can i update my license from 10 to 10.5 saving me to have to unistall and reinstall?
do i keep 10.5 on my system and download 10 and just install over the top??
any advice would be great thx tony

On win 10 machine

a fresh install would be the safe variant…

There are no more updates with version 10.5 as the target available in the webshop,
only Version 11…
But this will allow the use of 10.5 as well, if that’s the last working version on your system. But V11 is worth a test drive :wink:

ok ill do fresh install thx.