Install 7 or Just E Licenser To Get 8

Just purchased a new boxed Cubase 7 and a UR824 from my retailer.
He was unsure if I had to install 7 completely and register E Licenser to activate my grace period Pro 8 download or if I could just do the E Licenser without installing 7.
Switching over from PT (and cant wait) so learning all the new protocols will take a little time :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!!

Yep…Install elicencer, register and activate Cubase 7 and then you will have access to the full C8 installer download in your MySteinberg Account. You just need to make sure you download the full 9Gb installer rather than the upgrade.


Wow…loaded it up this morning and it was flawlessly easy (so far) from start to finish it took about and hour in total … fired up a quick instrument track…and Halion Sonic SE2 barked back at me…brilliant!
Now the fun begins…Thanks again!!