Install content on secondary drive?

How to do it? For example Grand 3. I chose F: (secondary drive). Install for all users. But still the content is installed on C:.
I use a 128 SSD for C:. It is almost full.

Yeah I’m questioning this for years already…I’m With you…however within a year or 2 this question will be obligate as then there is cheapo SSD storage with bigger capacity…

I recently upgraded my 128 SSD C: drive to 250GB because it was an ongoing battle to keep it from filling up. Cost about $90.

However there is a way to relocate the already installed VST3 content. Make sure to have a backup before hand, just in case. Find the .vstsound files you want moved. Right-click+drag them to their new location and select move (not copy) when you release the mouse. Now the location where Cubase expects to find the content will be empty. Select all the files again in their new location and right-click+drag them back to their original location. This time select create shortcuts when you release the mouse. Now Cubase will find the shortcuts and follow them to get the content from the new location.