Install Cubase 10 Pro on "OS" SSD or not?

Hi guys,

I’m quite a newbie (i’m studying to become a producer) and installing Cubase for the first time and I’d like to do it the right way.
I purchased CB 9.5 Pro EDU, but i’m in the grace period so I will be installing Cubase 10 Pro. :slight_smile:

Now my question is:

I have 3 disks in my computer:
A) SSD (250 gb) with OS/Programs on it (60 Gb left)
B) SSD (500 gb) still empty (500 Gb left)
C) normal HD (1 Tb) with 500 Gb left (for my projects etc.)

Should I install Cubase with all of its components (grooveagent, halion, etc. etc., around 21 Gb I think) on A or B?

Or should I install Cubase on A (OS SSD) and all the other components on B? But then the question rises: will Cubase react normally having Cubase on A and all the other components on a other disk (in this situation: SSD B)? Cause it’s not the standard setting…

I’m planning to install lots of VSTi’s. If I plan to put Cubase and all of its components on A, i remember there will be a VST folder on SSD A as well… Is this the only VST folder which Cubase ‘sees’? Or can I add another VST folder with all my VSTi’s (on B)?

I hope this makes sense to anyone.

In short: should I install all of Cubase on SSD A (with OS but limited space left), or just go to SSD B and install all of Cubase and all of my VSTi’s etc. there? :unamused:

Thanks a lot!!

Windows likes applications in the Programs directories on the C\ (or boot) drive so, while you could probably make it work, your life will be a lot simpler if you just go ahead and install on the boot drive. The program requirements for 9.5 indicate 18 gigs of HD, which leaves you with 42 gigs. That’s getting kind of tight. You can install 3rd party VSTi’s and fx anywhere you want–you can tell Cubase where to find these things from within the program (multiple folders and any drive). The 18 gigs should include the OEM instruments and fx.

I’m wondering if you haven’t considered ghosting your system drive on to the 500gb SSD and using that as your C\ drive. Acronis makes software that will do that with no problem and then you have 310 gigs to spare on your boot drive and a whole 250gb SSD for storage.

Just a thought.

if you are using windows 10. you can choose move your user folder, docs, program data folder ect to another drive (google how to).
cubase will then see the new user folder location where most of the content is installed to user\appdata\roaming\steinberg\content.
or you can choose to use the libray manager app that now comes with cubase and move most of the content via that. the odd bit of content doesnt get detect by the app which i found, so i had to move them manually and redirect locations manually when i loaded cubase and got the " cannot find content message" which gives you the option to skip - ignore or locate.
i have ask steinberg via the requests forum for a user friendly video, no reply as yet tho… do they even read these forums lol.
hope this helps you a little. i have a 250gig m2 pcie ssd stick as my system drive… i didnt want it to take a beating on the data write/rewrite count. so i used the above methods to move all the heavy contect. install cubase to C: still, then move what you can. i also install heavy content vsts to a seperate drive too and direct the vst manager to look there.