Install Cubase 5 on iMac with no dvd or cd reader

Hi all,
Am I able to download cubase 5 to my Mac? I see no option in my user area

I have downloaded the install but ios will not allow me to install. Cubase download has a piece of software that will allow the install to proceed however it describes the process as hazardous has anyone experience of using Cubase 5 with sierra?

Well you’ll be given a permanent download link for Cubase if you upgrade to the latest version, which on top of not being horribly buggy on Sierra and other recent OSes, is also a million times better than Cubase 5 in every aspect.

Finally upgraded to Cubase 9 but downloading is slow at the moment. I have 200mb/sec but after several attempts the cubase download repeatedly offers me only <100kb/sec. I have submitted a report to Steinberg and am awaiting a reply from them.
Naturally I am eager to get using the new software.