Install Cubase Essential5 on Win7

Hi at all.
I recently installed windows 7. In the download area i see the Cubase update of December 18th, 2009 that is compatible with Windows 7.
From the moment that i had reformat my hard disk and installed Win7, how can i install essential5? I cannot start from the DVD because i have dvd upgrade from Essential4 to 5. And both of this are not for Win7 :cry:

Thak you in advance.

No one can help me?

Already tried to begin with the 5.1.1 update…!?

To be sincere my PC is to tecnichian now :slight_smile:
Tomorrow i can retire it.
In your opininion can i start with that patch? Sounds good.
Thank you.

No soap. Radio?

No soap. Radio?

What do you mean?

Tried, but nothing happen when i launch the patch…

Maybe i can start from DVD “Cubase Essential5 update” even if it was not designed for Win7?

Why not simply try it (I thought you had done that already…!?)