install cubase in two devices

i’ve installed cubase AI 9 into my pc, but i need to install the program into my portable computer to play live performances. what can i do?

Please follow these steps:

Basically, you’ll have to log into your MySteinberg account, then click Reactivate. This will generate a new activation code.

Cubase AI can only be used on one computer at a time, so you’ll have to do this every time you have to use it on your other computer. Thankfully the process is fairly quick.

could you also buy a usb e-licenser and move the license to the dongle?

Yes, that makes it easier to move the license between computers, since you just have to connect the USB eLicenser dongle to use Cubase, nothing else.

The downside is that currently, there’s no way to move the license from your dongle back to your computer. The eLicenser team is trying to make this possible in the future.