Install Cubase without the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver?

I installed Cubase 7.5 yesterday and it apparently included a “Generic Low Latency ASIO driver”.

I have dedicated hardware with specific ASIO drivers permanently hooked up to the DAW and I have the on board sound turned off in BIOS.

When I launched Cubase I was able to switch to my specific driver, but when I launched the other DAWs I operate each one defaulted to the Generic Driver and the result varied from temporary confusion to permanent confusion. My Pro Tools install keeps flashing warnings that my setup I/O changed even though I have restored all the settings etc.

I think I’d like to use a disc image back up I made to roll back to just before the CUBASE install and install CUBASE all over again. It would be ideal if I could some how choose not to install the generic driver.

If I can not figure that out at least I now know to side step the generic driver as I open the other DAWs so hopefully I can get to point where everything cohabitates on the DAW with out having warnings pop up.

Is it possible to install CUBASE without installing the driver? Is it possible to unistall the driver after an undesired install? I have read about tracking it down in the registry. I can try that but I hope to find out it is easier than that.

Any ideas?

Thank You.

Hey citizen,

So your issue is that you get constant nags from Pro Tools about your driver changing? All DAWs other than Cubase nag you?
Your other DAWs still work?

Thank you for your interest.

I got everything working by directing each DAW back to the hardware driver but Pro Tools throws a warning that I have to dismiss because everything is actually back to where it was.

If the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver hadn’t been installed I think that everything would have been 100% normal and I would have pointed CUBASE to the hardware driver I actually use. So, I’d like to roll back and figure out how to not have the Generic ASIO low latency driver exist on my system as I have no need for it, and it’s existence causes a minor inconvenience.

I figured out how to fix most of what the existence of the Generic Low level driver did to my system, but because I have an easy way to revert back to before the install and then install CUBASE again, I’d like to do so in a way that prevents the issue and lets me open all the other DAWs without ANY changes occurring to their setups.

I keep my DAW system very lean and clean and document every little change in a log that I have kept since it was built. I make backups before every change and I try to optimize everything.

I don’t need a Generic Low Latency driver so I’d like to not have it installed.

I’m asking if anyone knows if I can choose not to install it or remove it with an unistaller.

Thank you.

I used a disk backup to restore to just prior to installing Cubase 7.5.

I installed Cubase 7.5 and the 7.5.3 update.

I Backed up then deleted this folder C:\ProgramFiles\Steinberg\Asio which contained the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver.

I Ran CCleaner to clean registry of the driver info.

I launched all my DAWs and everything was just as I had left them before installing Cubase. I am glad I had the backup and was able to easily prevent the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver from being associated with my other setups. It saved me from having to reset the DAWs to the hardware drivers and checking all the details.

Thank You.

bah, for me it’s just silly that while this driver is active, I can’t use Open Broadcasting System to capture audio. It has a “stereo mix” but OBS isn’t able to access the audio…