Install Cubase7 on one machine and keep 6.5 on another?


I’m running 6.5 on my MacPro tower. I can’t upgrade to the latest OS (Lion/Mountain Lion) due to other apps that don’t support it. But I’ve got a new MacBook Pro that I’d like to install Cubase 7 on. Can I keep my old 6.5 and still install the 7? Even on the same machine?



Not if it was an upgrade you can’t split it.Maybe you may run 6.5 on a 7 license and just switch key.

Sure you can install both on the same machine, or on different machines. Doesn´t matter, if it´s an upgrade or not.

Good to know! That way I can try out 7 on my OS 10.6.8 and see if it runs buggy or not.

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