Install Disks/Download for C5

I need some help. I’ve been on tour for a long time now and just realized the Install disks for my C5 aren’t where I thought they were and nowhere to be found. I am now switching Laptops and reeeeeally need those disks! Obviously I have the eLicenser chip and everything so I just need the disks.
Where can I get a replacement download? I’m out of the US so I don’t think sending them would work.
Pretty urgent! :open_mouth:
thanks fellas! :ugeek:


There’s no download option. You’d need to have a disk shipped to you from the place you originally purchased C5.

For real? crap. So I can’t just download the demo and than activate the demo?

So this wouldn’t work!?


Sure, that would work, But it doesn’t seem to be available any more.

sorry steve it seems to be still available in “my steinberg” in “trial versions” for download !

regards john

Well, great, the OP can go and download it!

Yep. Log in and go to trial versions it’s right there. I don’t know where I was looking for it. Maybe it was my fridge, or the washing machine. :unamused:

Lol awesome guys! Thanks a bunch!!!