Install Dorico+HALion on Macos without admin access?

I will likely get a loaner macOs M1 laptop provided by an institution. I will alternate use of this laptop in conjuction with my existing intel iMac.

I have transferred my licenses from Soft license to the Steinberg USB dongle (I purchased the Steinberg USB-license-dongle back with Dorico 3.5) so that I can use Dorico+HALion on my iMac, and on the laptop, by inserting the USB dongle. I assume this “just works” by moving the USB dongle around.

Is it possible to install Dorico on the M1 laptop without admin password? I am not sure if I will have I.T. support to install anything on the institution’s laptop. I am not sure if the account/password which I will be given for the laptop will be set as a user (unprivileged) account or an admin account. I already have the HALion sound libraries installed to an external drive, which I will also swap around.

I remember in some cases that the Steinberg Download Assistant or Installer will ask for admin password to install/update, but I do not understand why it would need this or what specifically it is needed for.

Suppose I do get the institution’s I.T. support to install Dorico themselves (the support which may be unlikely), then, will I again run into I.T. problems (whih may be impossible to overcome) if I need to update to a new release, because the Download Assistant requests an admin password ?

Read all of the above with the context that the institution’s I.T. support person or team has absolutely no obligation, possibly no motivation, to assist me with anything, and may not even be qualified themselves, to assist with anything (i.e. they may be fairly bumbling fools, and/or outright reject any user support request they do not comprehend; an attitude which is pervasive in institution’s I.T. departments) – even if the assistance is simply to sit at the laptop for less than 1 minute to enter an admin password.

I’d say it’s impossible that you will be able to install Dorico without an admin password.

Basically, almost everywhere outside of your user domain requires admin authorisation to write files to those locations.

While it is possible to run bundled applications and fonts from inside your user account, the whole Dorico setup – including the software that controls the licence – needs to be in root level filepaths.

Eh??? Dorico 4 and higher don’t use the dongle at all.

I receive an error from Dorico Pro 5.5 when my usb dongle is not connected, that Halion 6 is unlicensed so can not run. This is not a problem per se since I will move the dongle when needed.

Is it not possible to do some operation such as, manually downloading the Dorico+Halion installer (not using Steinberg Download Assistant) and install “only for current user” (vs “install for all users” which would require admin password)?

I will also add the general feedback to the team that the Steinberg Library Manager is very painful in use. Moving Libraries to another drive takes tens or hundreds of clicks rather than any “select all and move” option being available. Thereis no “cleanup” option so I am left with multiple directories on three drives now which have Steinberg files in them, and no way to know which are the vst/resource files used, or which have been abandoned. In short the quality/functionality of this app is reminiscent of the Win95 everything-is-fubar era.

Dorico 5.5?

Dorico no longer uses the USB dongle for licensing. HALion 7 is the version that comes with Dorico.

This may have occurred before I set the default Playback template, I don’t have time to reproduce it currently.

The latest version of Dorico is 5.1, not 5.5.

The latest version of HALion is 7, and that does not require a USB dongle.

I would remove HALion 6, and make sure that HALion 7 is installed.

Good correction, it is Dorico 5.1. I was probably thinking of the big point version 3.5 from after Dorico 3.

I dont know about ignoring my old Halion, as I still open old projects to deliver stuff on very short notice and usually do not have the time to fiddle with updating the instruments of that project, etc etc. I haven’t had this specific need yet, so I don’t know if the license will be a problem going forward or not.

The “I.T. support” of my institution laptop loaner has been nonexistent, other than handing it over; they had said it was an M1 laptop and it turned out to be an i7. Luckily the guest account has admin access and I was able to completely upgrade macOs and install Dorico, although some quirky security measures can’t be overcome, like somehow they have permanently locked the Dock. The lesson here is that my assumption was correct that a music organization will simply not have workable I.T. situations.

I will mention a License bug encountered in this process.

After Activating the license, I ran Dorico 5 by directly opening the app first, over a dozen times, without any problem, to open new or older projects with File->Open, or File->New, etc.
Then, during a live rehearsal, I opened Dorico with a project file, by clicking the Dorico file itself. Dorico opened without Engrave tab (failure to Activate itself to Pro?). Which was a critical failure because this was a live situation and I needed to reformat a score for the performers. It was a bit unnerving. After realizing it was probably an activation problem, I quit Dorico and opened it again, and the Engrave tab was visible like normal, so no problems after that.

This hasn’t happened again so I hope it is only a first-time thing. But I don’t think it should have happened, regardless.

Sounds like you accidentally opened it as Elements, not Pro?