Install dspMixFx without extra FX plugins? Major issue

Hey guys, this has been asked before but the outcomes were slightly different from mine.

I had no idea when I originally bought my UR44 it had the silly dsp mixer and for months I was having an issue with a feedback loop when trying to use all 6 inputs for recording. I realised it was the dsp mixer thing and manager to delete the stupid fx routing etc so I could use my audio interface with Logic X.

I just bought a new machine (Macbook Pro 2020) on Catalina and I have managed to install the driver to make sure it works. However to stop the issue of the feedback loop it means I have to install the whole dspMixFx to dial in the right settings and this is where the issue starts.

If I download TOOLs it wants me to install basic fx of which it then takes me to some elicenser thing which I dont have for those basic fx(Logic picks them up as a plugin) so I go through it all the best I can then when I launch Logic it spends 20 minutes trying to license these stupid Steinberg plugins and it doesn’t allow me to disable them. I have tried to delete the plugins but even after refreshing logic etc it still searches from them and it’s driving me insane.

I need to either license them or does someone just have a dspMixFx install for Catalina without these darned FX plugins I will never use but it making me want to just buy a new audio interface.


Posted about this issue here:

I’ve got the same issue of needing dspMixFx and and not wanting any of the bloatware that comes with it. But, I see no way of simply downloading dspMixFx alone without all the other junk that interferes with my system periodically. I’m also using Logic Pro X.

Funny, thing - I was using Cubase (free version that came with my UR44) - but one day they changed/updated Cubase preventing me from installing - actually it was severely crashing during installation. I got so fed up spending hours on the internet trying solve this problem that I ended up buying Logic Pro X. Problem solved. Two clicks later and Logic Pro X was up and running without any fuss whatsoever - as it should be. The crashing issue of Cubase was a total joke.

So, now I need to solve the issue with dspMixFx - but have a feeling I’ll just ditch the Steinberg UR44 audio interface for something more compatible with Mac/Logic. Which kind of sucks because I really like the UR44 on its own - just not their bundled software and this eLicenser crap that mucks everything up.

Sorry I couldn’t offer any help though.

Actually, now that I think about it - you might try deleting the files that I deleted - see my other post using the link above.