Install Elements and Artist with a Pro license

I own Cubase 9 Pro, and use it on both a PC and a Mac. I would like to download and install the other versions (Elements and Artist) on the same machine. The reason is to demonstrate the feature differences to new users to help them decide which version is right for them.

There doesn’t appear to be any way to download the lower versions from the MySteinberg account. Is it possible to do this, using my existing Pro license?

I’m afraid not, if you own Pro then that is all you can use with that licence, you must also buy Elements and Artist if you want to use them. I has been discussed before that Pro owners should maybe be able to use Elements with the Pro licence.

I suppose it doesn’t make financial sense to give a way the lower version with the high end program, eg If you bought a top of the range Ford Mustang they are not going to give you a Ford Ka as well just to do shopping with are they.

ah, ok. thanks. That’s good to know.

I wonder what would have happened if I first purchased Elements, then bought an upgrade to Artist followed by buying an upgrade to Pro. The total net price would be about the same, but possibly all three levels would be accessible. I’m not sure how that would be treated.

That might have left you able to use Elements and Pro but not Artist. Artist and Pro share the same executable file and it’s just the license that determines which bits are activated. Thus once you had the Pro version you’d no longer be able to launch it as Artist (unless this has changed recently…I upgraded from Artist to Pro a while back and wanted to check all the differences but found I could no longer open it as Artist). I think you’d need separate licenses on different USB eLicensers.

This is not entirely correct. A Pro license on a USB eLicenser allows the use of ALL smaller editions and previous versions, however, as Pro and Artist have the same installer, I don’t how you would get it to behave as Artist other than replacing the Pro license with an Artist one, which would make no sense.

I have Pro on a USB e-licenser. I needed to buy Elements to use it after the trial ended.

On the same machine? The Pro license will allow Elements to run.

No you didn´t - you can run it with your Pro license.

Any documentation on using Elements with a Pro license?

You may be able to find something in the knowledgebase but I can tell you it works, I’ve done it (the last time was when I plugged a C8.5 Pro dongle into a laptop with C8 Elements installed, it ran fine).

The OP’s issue is that it does not seem to be possible to have C9 Pro, Artist AND Elements on the same machine.

I have Pro on my USB dongle. I use Elements on my laptop and the point of getting Elements for me was to be able to not use the dongle. I had to pay for Elements. I’m trying to figure out a scenario where you would want both Elements and Pro on a USB dongle? If you have to use the dongle, wouldn’t you only use Pro?

I think the guy wanted them on one machine to demonstrate the differences between the three versions

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Install-run. What additional documentation do you need?