Install Failure with WLE8 8.0.2 Update

Hi - this is a similar posting to one posted Feb 1, 2011

So Far:
The original installation of WaveLab Elements 8 in May 2013 - No Problems.
But the installation of the update fails every time and rolls back. The message is: “Error changing registry data”.

From an earlier posting, I have followed the suggestions re: HKCR tree permissions, etc., and deleted the .ogg subkey 'OpenWithProgIds
The message: “Error changing registry data” continues.
Is there any other possibility?

  • How would I determine which registry key is the culprit? And should I be doing other things to figure this out?

This is the 1st time I’ve had an issue installing any software. I’ve been lucky, I guess.

Win 7 Home Premium, Intel dual Quad processor 2.5GHz, 8G Ram, 500GB SATA HD, the usual components and maintained regularly.

Thank You for any suggestions!

Please ask Steinberg official support for this. I think this is likely an eLicenser error.

In the mean time, you could try this:
Copy the setup.exe, alone, somewhere on your system. Execute it from there.

Thank You for taking the time to reply, appreciate it.

I had copied the Setup.exe to the C-drive and then initiated installation from within the MMC console; and I had logged in w/full admin privileges. No success with installation of the update. Same error.

I did request support but have received no reply, not sure why their response is slow or there’s no intention of responding. Hence, attempting to find a solution through through this forum.

Thanks again for the reply -