Install help video troubleshooting not helping yet

I’ve got Dorico on my new computer.

Dorico Application Installer, Hallion sonic 7, Sound content for Dorico 4 pro, Sound Content update for Dorico 4 pro are all green and checkmarked.

The instructional video says no sound, go to play and I should see Hallion sonic on right. But I don’t see it.
Generic low latency device set at 44100/ The allow device box is unchecked as suggested.
I do get sound on other applications, just not Dorico.

I didn’t go any farther as I’m suppose to see that Hallion instrument box on the right.

Is it because I haven’t uninstalled the other version of Dorico on my other computer? It’s been shut down all day, but I didn’t want to delete it until I was sure this one was working.

It shouldn’t be a problem, to have different versions of Dorico installed at the same time.

Sometimes when I bring an existing project into a new version, it helps to reapply the Playback Template.

Once I started using my Focusrite, it worked fine. However, this is the first time I ever had something not work prior to using it.

Thanks all.